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    I don't know how to take this guy. I first noticed Bob in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". I just now saw him in "Unleashed" and when he blew up at Jet's character, I couldn't help but think of him from the cartoon. I have seen bits of him in two other films as well. I looked around on him and was surprised that he was a Brit and not American. He hides it well. In "Unleashed" he played a Scottsman. I also looked over Yahoo! pics of Bob and it shows him in various looks. He seems to blend in many areas appearing maybe as a greasy bum, sophisticated scholar, mafia boss, athlete, or couch potato. So far I haven't seen a lot of his work. He is believeable, but based on the stuff that I have seen, he isn't prime material. (After reviewing his background on IMDb, he actually has won 20 awards internationally. One being a Golden Globe.)