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    I'm sure this site is one of the most active on, haha. That's okay, if anyone out there loved Bob Keeshan, or if you knew him personally, please share the stories, memories, etc. I justread his autobiography, and the respect I have for this man continues to grow.
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    Well, it may not be the most active person page, but it's a good one. I think it's great that we remember the pioneers of television, especially those who set good examples by how they led their lives. Captain Kangaroo reminds me of a couple of other shows that were great for kids: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Mr. Dressup. Some of you may not have heard of the latter because it was a CBC production which ran for 30 years in Canada.
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    I first started watching Captain Kangaroo in the 60s (what was that crack?!). I remember Mr. Greenjeans and when he invented the typewriter, only to be informed by the Cap that someone beat him to the punch. And the Colgate commercials ("MFP: Maximum Flouride Protection"). At the same time I was a loyal viewer of Bozo's Circus on WGN-Channel 9 in Chicago, then, after moving to Phoenix (before WGN went cable) I was adopted by Wallace and Ladmo, which ran on local TV for 35 years before a tearful ending in 1989.
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    I grew up in the Philadelphia television area, and Captain Kangaroo was part of a rich group of children's shows back in the 60s. We had Sally Starr, Gene London, Pixanne, Captain Noah, Chief Halftown, and other programs. But the Captain was special. I loved all of his segments and his characters -- Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Moose, Mister GreenJeans, Dancing Bear, and Grandfather Clock.

    I seem to remember a story line where there was a large stuffed bear on a wheeled platform and then Dancing Bear, which I believe was Cosmo Allegretti in costume. Was it that Dancing Bear was sometimes "unreal" and sometimes came alive?? I loved the stories, like Make Way for Ducklings, Mike Mulligan, and Caps for Sale. Do I also remember Too Many Cats? The ping pong balls that would drop as the end of a trick on the Captain. The carrots that Captain would try to hide, or keep in his pocket, and Bunny would try to steal. The Treasure House, and the dutch doors. And I loved Magic Drawing Board and the Tom Terrific cartoon. We still use the name Crabby Appleton to describe someone now and then!

    Here was a show that was truly powered by the personality of the man and the talent of the contributors and characters. A fun, classy and gentle show with a gentle star. Hooray for men like Bob Keeshan and Lumpy Brannum and Cosmo Allegretti. Where are those men today?

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