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  • Lucy and Viv Reminisce

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 16 - 1/1/68

    When Lucy breaks a leg falling out of bed, Mr. Mooney sends for her old pal Viv Bunson to come west and be her nurse during recovery. The two chat about old adventures, leading to a clips from earlier episodes including installing a TV antenna, using stilts to get into bunk beds, and getting trapped in the rapidly-filling shower. Viv suffers her own injury and the gals talk about how much they mean to each other as new nurse Mooney brings them lunch.moreless
  • It's So Peaceful in the Country

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 17 - 1/18/67

    Oliver's mother needs bed rest so what better place than her son's farm. All she has to do is ignore Alf and Ralph's drilling, Haney's tour group, a group of dancing Sioux Indians and their chief who think's she's a looker.moreless
  • Dangerous Diaper Dan

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 11/3/66

    A mysterious man named Diaper Dan has bugged the Stephenses' household to steal advertising ideas from Darrin for a rival advertising company. No one finds this out until Samantha and Darrin get into an argument. Dan hears it and has flowers delivered to the house. After Samantha finds out that the flowers were delivered by Dan, she discovers the bug.moreless
  • Mine Hero

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 14 - 12/23/65

    While fishing, Gilligan pulls a WWII mine out of the lagoon. When the Professor is unable to deactivate the mine, Gilligan tows it back into the lagoon, where it harmlessly explodes.
  • Lucy the Coin Collector

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 13 - 12/14/64

    After Jerry finds a penny worth fifty cents, Lucy and Viv withdraw 2,000 pennies from the bank and search through them until they find one worth $16.50. Lucy drops the penny down a storm drain, so she and Viv disguise themselves as workmen so they can search for it.moreless
  • The Natives Get Restless

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 19 - 2/21/63

    Some local natives – Who depend on McHale and his men for their income – Are up in arms over Binghamton's having made their village off-limits to McHale and his Crew. But Binghamton must re-establish good relations with them, for the upcoming inspection tour of The Undersecretary Of The Navy.moreless