Bob Newhart





9/5/1929 , Oak Park, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

George Robert Newhart




Bob Newhart is a one of the well known comedian that is still around today. Born in Oak Park, Illinois, after dropping out of law school, Newhart decided to settle his life as an accountant, but has a hobby of doing comedy routines in the radio. Warner Brothers was so impressed with his talent, that they signed him to record his first ever album in 1960, called The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. It was a major hit. Newhart was soon offered many comedy roles, and in 1961, he signed on with NBC for The Bob Newhart Show. Although the show won an Emmy it was canceled due to poor ratings. Newhart then went on to preform at nightclubs, guest stars in TV shows and movies. He was a frequent guest in The Tonight Show and The Ed Sullivan Show. Newhart returned to the starting role in a new, The Bob Newhart Show, playing psychologist Dr. Bob Hartley. Unlike last time, this was an instinct success of the 70's. After 6 seasons and many awards, Newhart thinks it's time for the show to end, thinking it used up all the orignal tricks it could have. Four years later, Newhart stars in another series called Newhart, playing Dick Loudon, a guy who decides to open an inn in Vermont. In 1992, he again star in another series, Bob, but it was never a big hit due to a poor time slot. However, Newhart already established himself as a great comedian legend of all time.
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