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  • one of my top 10 celebrities

    this man has so many accomplishments 2 long running shows well known he even has his own statue in chicago the 78 year old has accomplished alot over the years he been out in the public alot but hey hes out there bob newharts first show starring him was in 1972 as chicago phyciatrist bob hartly a sensible well manered man who put family and friends first. his second show was newhart where bob played a aspiring author in newyork and moved to a unamed town in vermont and once again he was the straight man in a town of of wacky neighbors he then becomes a local talk show host.

    the man has had alot of accomplishments. although most of you wont read this.
  • Brilliant!

    Bob Newhart is the king of comedy, from making two insanely successful and hilarious sitcoms to making good movies funnier ("Elf") and bad movies (TNT's "The Librarian") tolerable. Bob is a comedic genius, the likes of which most comedians will never reach. It's pretty amazing how influential he is and how little recognition he gets in the mainstream nowadays. Yeah, he guest stars on "Desperate Housewives" but when average joes list off the comedy greats, they mostly forget Bob and his TV shows. Really, this guy had two (TWO) successful sitcoms. How many people can say that? Mary Tyler Moore, Lucille Ball, Michael J. Fox? It's a very short list and Bob's on it.

    All talent.