Bob Ross (II)

Bob Ross (II)


10/29/1942, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA



Birth Name

Robert Norman Ross


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This Bob Ross (II) guide is for the well-known painter from The Joy of Painting show. During his ten-year-long tenure in the US Air Force, Bob discovered his unique artistic talent - and his ability to communicate and teach. He developed several unique techniques for painting quickly, specializing…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A Hippy Legend

    Bob Ross is the King of all Hippies. He has such a way of carrying himself and speaking, that he doesn\'t even need drugs to be the ultimate hippy in my eyes. His show, The Joy of Painting, is one of the few gems on PBS stations, and sadly, it isn\'t getting as much airtime anymore. He makes painting look easy, finishing up full canvas paintings in 26 minutes and 46 seconds (including credits and whatnot). His phrases, such as \"it\'s your world, you can do what you want,\" and \"we don\'t make mistakes, just happy accidents,\" make for a pleasant, memorable viewing experience during each episode. And of course, the artistic knowledge he provides is second to none.

    If you\'ve never seen his show, check it out. It\'s a thing to behold.moreless
  • All those happy little's...

    I love all those happy little's...

    Happy little tree who always has a friend, happy little clouds and especially the happy little accidents!

    He was a wonderful man and still makes me smile everyday watching his program on discovery shed in the mornings.

    It's all so easy and he has a very soothing voice...looks like some one from the 70's even in the later episodes of the Joy of painting series.

    His son is great too, steve, and all the other guests he brings in during a series.

    I can not paint the conventional way to save my life but Bob really has brought me the 'joy of painting'!moreless