Bob Ross (II)





10/29/1942 , Daytona Beach, Florida, USA



Birth Name

Robert Norman Ross




This Bob Ross (II) guide is for the well-known painter from The Joy of Painting show. During his ten-year-long tenure in the US Air Force, Bob discovered his unique artistic talent - and his ability to communicate and teach. He developed several unique techniques for painting quickly, specializing in "wet-on-wet" methods. He then began teaching people how to paint via his Joy of Painting show on PBS. In order to encourage people to overcome their fear and try, when something in a painting he painted on-camera didn't turn out the way he planned, he referred to it as a happy accident, not a mistake. Most of his on-air paintings took only 30-minute-or-less to complete. The camera was rarely stopped. Bob's contagious enthusiasm and sense of "fun-over-fear" inspired many people to express themselves in paint - and, through his recordings, he continue to do so today.

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