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    • Bob Saget: (while watching an excerpt from an episode of "Full House" (1987) in which he dresses as a woman) Ahhh, where is my face?! I lost so much face on that show, I don't even exist anymore!

    • Bob Saget: A lot of people ask me what my favorite episode of Full House (1987) was, I always tell them: "it was the last one!"

    • Bob Saget: (in 2009 about his new sitcom "Surviving Suburbia") One of the first things I said when I signed on for the show was "No hugs!" Full House was all based on hugs.

    • Bob Saget: (about TV daughters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) They were always very sweet girls. There was really no way to be cynical about them. That's why people always called it "The Michelle Show."

    • Bob Saget: I have New Age friends who gave their little girl a toolbox of plastic tools. They were horrified later that night when they came into her room and found out she was putting the hammer to bed.