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  • Fun show at the time of early TV. I liked it a lot until I was taken to be a member of the Peanut Gallery and meet Buffalo Bob in person. He turned out to be the same person who screamed at the "Peanut Gallery" kids during the commercial breaks.

    My sister and I once attended a live performance of the "Howdy Doody" show as kids in the "peanut gallery". Each kid was given a small jar of whichever brand peanut butter they were advertising. I was maybe 4 or 5 years old at the time, but even then I knew that a bigger jar of peanut butter was much better than a small one like they gave us. The jar they used in the live commercials was just the bigger one I needed. Once the commercial was over, that big jar was placed on the base of a camera used to film the show. Mom didn't see me crawl down there to switch mine out for the larger size, but Buffalo Bob did. His reaction to my switch was such a shock I have yet to forget it. He snatched that jar from me and screamed at me for taking it as if I was a little thief, not a little kid who loved peanut butter and thought a bigger jar would be much better. The real "Buffalo Bob", Bob Smith, was not very nice to any of the kids who attended the show to sit in the Peanut Gallery. Not at all the fun and funny "Buffalo Bob" that appeared whenever the cameras started rolling again. I'll never forget how mean he was, nor will I forget what an unpleasant surprise it was to find that out. True, the big peanut butter jar was not mine and I should not have tried to switch mine for that one, but we all know that little kids do some funny things at times and things they shouldn't do. "Buffalo Bob" was an adult and should never have been allowed to treat any child as mean as he treated me that day for just being a kid who wanted bigger and better things. We all still do want exactly that - bigger and better. Not verbal abuse from a childrens' show host.