Bobbie Eakes





7/25/1961 , Macon, Georgia, USA

Birth Name

Bobbie Diane Eakes




Bobbie Diane Eakes was born in Macon of Georgia, USA on the 25th of July 1961. Before Bobbie turned to acting, she was titled Miss Georgia of 1982. Her acting days began with small roles on such shows as "Cheers". In 1989 she joined the hit soap opera "The Bold and The Beautiful", playing Macy Alexander, the role she later went onto became most famous for.

In 1993 she met and married her husband, David Steen who was an actor and writer.

Bobbie quit "The Bold and The Beautful" in 2000 when her character was killed off, but Macy came back from the dead in 2002, only to be killed of once again in 2003.

After leaving the soap, Bobbie joined another American soap "All My Children" playing Krystal Carey Chandler, and is still on contract.

Of-screen, some of Bobbie's interests include painting, singing and working out.