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  • Bobbie Eakes is a beautiful woman and a great singer and a wonderful actress! She is a sweet person. Her acting skills are amazing as she plays her role as Krystal in All my Children brilliantly.

    She is great as Krystal in All my Children. She plays a southern girl who is sassy, sexy and full of mischief, but only wants the best for her husband. I find it great to sit and watch her perform! Two of my favorite episodes are the episode where Krystal finds out from Josh that her "BabyDoll" is alive! I find this episode quite amusing as Krystal faints and it is the last thing you would expect her to do as she is a very strong character! My other favorite episode would have to be the episode where Krystal's waters breaks and she goes into labor but Adam refuses to do anything about it! That was some great acting! I also admire Bobbie Eakes as she is an amazing singer! She has the voice of a country-star angel! This Woman Shall Go Far!