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    • Bobbie: (on how she keeps fit) It gets harder and harder. I really love to work out, and when I was doing the high-protein and the low-carb [programs] I wasn't working out as much, because I just didn't have the energy. I switched over to a more balanced [diet], and I'm gaining weight. I think I'm adjusting now. It's a struggle. I'm trying to find the right balance, because I think it's important to get your complex carbs and eat your fruits and vegetables. But switching over from that low-carb to a regular, balanced diet, I think there is that time where your body is going, "What's going on?" So I've gained a little weight, but I think I'm going to balance it out trying to eat right and exercise. It (low carbs) is great if you need to lose weight fast, but I like having a little variety.