Bobbie Phillips

Bobbie Phillips


1/29/1972, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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Bobbi Phillips, Bobbie Jo Phillips
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Bobbie Phillips, a South Carolina native, has always craved adventure. As a teen, she thought nothing of catapulting from plane. She loved riding Harleys and the martial arts, but Ms. Phillips wasn't just audacious in her youth. . . .she was intelligent! With a 4.0 grade average while…more


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  • Trivia

    • Bibbie and husband Anthiny allowed their home to be converted form Canadian cold to family warm decoration in the 11th episode of season 16 of HGTV's show "Divine Design." It appeared on April 17, 2010. See for more informtaion!

    • Contractually, Bobbie was considered a regular starring cast member of Murder One, but according to the executive producer they "never got around" to adding her name to the show credits.

    • The hotel/resort that Bobbie and her husband run is located in Costa Rica.

    • Bobbie has one son from a previous marriage.

    • She left Hollywood in 2003. She and her husband designed and built a hotel that was named "One of the Best in the World" by Conde Nast.

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  • One of the good ones

    Bobbie Phillips played 'Jule Costello' on my all time favorite series "Murder One". Her understated performances from week to week alongside other terrific actors such as her boyfriend 'Richard Cross' played by Stanley Tucci kept me tuning in and wanting more. I later caught her on other shows and although none of the other series were of the caliber of "Murder One", I found Bobbie's acting to be solid. She also proved to be a very diverse actress who can just as easily perform comedic roles with the best of them. I recently caught a rerun of "Dharma & Greg" which I never watched before, but viewed because Bobbie was on. She was incredibly funny alongside Jenna Elfman. This caused me to search the internet to see what she is doing now. It looks as though she has left Hollywood. I find this very sad because she has everything to be a real star. I'm with the others who hope she returns to television. She's one of the good ones and it would be great to see her on a television series again!moreless
  • Very talented

    I have seen Ms. Phillips in many different television shows over the years and always thought she had the X factor. Reading the last review I now understand why I am not seeing her in more films.She could be a huge star if she wanted to IMHO.I hope she didn't completely quit acting.I am a straight female but I have alot of admiration for her.She was incredible on MURDER ONE and is very funny in comedies.moreless