Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown


2/5/1969, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Robert Barisford Brown



Also Known As

Bobby Baresford Brown
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Bobby Browns height is 5' 10, he has been married to Whitney Houston since July 18, 1992. Convicted and ordered to jail for driving under the Influence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in January 1998. Before becoming a solo artist he was in the group New Edition. He had…more


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    • Bobby Brown: (denying he ever hit wife Whitney) I mean, I'm guilty of getting upset and flying off the handle a little. I was known to throw a bottle or two at a wall or something ... Whitney is no punk. She definitely knows how to handle and defend herself in situations that could have potentially been violent. Some of the stories in the media made me out to be like Ike Turner, when that wasn't my character.

    • Bobby Brown: When you're building a building, you have to have something strong to hold the building up. Bobbi Kris is the cement that holds our relationship together. When we're going through changes, when we're arguing or whatever, all it takes is for Bobbi Kristina to go waaaahhhhhhhh. And we crack up.

    • Bobby Brown: There's not just one thing I can point my finger at and say this is what I like about her.' It's her. That's what made me love her, and that's what made me want to marry her. I'm just glad she said yes.

    • Bobby Brown: I couldn't find anything wrong with her that made me not want to marry her.

    • Bobby Brown: (referring to his drug addiction) I was afraid of coming down. I was afraid of what I had to deal with the next day, whether me and my wife were going be arguing or loving, and just what was going to happen.

  • Words of encourgement and gratitude

    He is a wonderful gentleman with alot of potential. Once the world stop looking at him and his wife as abnormal, and start seeing them for who they really are things will be brighter in his life. Bobby, admire you and your wife for showing the world that through it all, you guys are still together in spite of trials and tribulations. Bobby, Keep God first and continue to make things happen for your family. I can\'t wait to see the wonderful things God has in store for you and your family. Please give Whitney and the children my love.moreless
  • Being Bobby Brown

    Bobby\'s new show, \"Being Bobby Brown\" is interesting and gives viewers/fans (past & present) an opportunity to see him and his family in a new light. It\'s very entertaining. Bobby isn\'t the \"terrible\" person that the media portrayed him as, he seems to be a man who loves his family and loves the spotlight and it was clever of him to use that same medium that tried to bring him down, to bring himself back up again-as a celebrity. The show is definitely a hit.moreless