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  • No formal training is no surprise.

    I remember Bobby Cannavale back to the Ally McBeal days, though very few of those there were. Then I caught up with him on Third Watch, then Will & Grace, and caught him in really awful feature The Station Agent. Even the brilliance of Patricia Clarkson could make that movie rise above a yawn.
    In each role I have seen Bobby in, he has basically played the very same character, just with a different name and different writing. I guess he should be grateful by any means, as I am usually laughing at his performance, no matter how dramatic it is supposed to be.
    It is known he never took any formal acting training, big suprise...NOT.
    The biggest trouble, besides looking like a Brad Garrett knock-off without the talent, he just can not act. He can remember his lines, but he always ALWAYS looks like he is acting. Maybe he is just trying to hard, but if it does not come naturally after all these years, he should just thank his lucky stars that he still has a career in the business as there are a million others who rate well above his abilities, they are just yet to win celebrity lotto or come into vogue.
    His inabilities fit right in as one of the many love interests of Will on the series Will and Grace, because they both use the same no method acting, so no one is upstaged.
    This is one celeb whose career is based on luck and good management as opposed to any acting talent or ability.