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    • [On the parts he's being offered]
      Bobby Cannavale: I'm getting a lot of uninteresting romantic lead guys that look good and fall in love sort of garbage. I just want different parts, I wanna be that guy who people mention and they don't know who you're talking about until you say a few movies they've been in and then people are amazed that it's the same person.

    • [On his character from The Station Agent]
      Bobby Cannavale: The part was written for me by Tom McCarthy. For almost ten years we were really good friends and, when he started writing it, he called me and asked me little things like, you know, 'Give me the name of a Cuban dish. Tell me about the culture.' But I would say, one sort of thing we had in common is I'm very talky and inquisitive and sort of relentless that way. For me, the work part of it was trying to identify with this guy's loneliness. I was really impressed with how, sort of on the surface, he didn't seem like a lonely person at all. That's what I loved about it.

    • [On what happened to The Devil and Daniel Webster]
      Bobby Cannavale: I don't know what happened to that. We shot that like two years ago, and I don't know. Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dan Aykroyd. It seemed like it had everything going for it, and it was fun to work on. That was just like a phone call. Alec called me and was like, "Hey, you want to do this scene?" And it was a funny scene and I said, "Sure," and went and shot it. I don't know what happened with it and I've never asked him. I run into him all the time, but if you know Alec, you don't touch anything that can set him off so I never ask about it.

    • [On awards]
      Bobby Cannavale: I've never won an award for anything, and I think it's weird. I mean, that's really cool but it's strange to think you could get an award for acting. I always thought that was strange.