Bobby Labonte

Bobby Labonte


5/8/1964, Corpus Christi, Texas

Birth Name

Robert Alan Labonte



Also Known As

Robert Alan Labonte
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2000 Nextel Cup (which was then known as the Winston Cup) champion. Drove the #18 Interstate Batteries car owned by Joe Gibbs from 1995-2005. Currently pilots the #43 Cheerios Dodge owned by Richard Petty.


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  • Bobby Labonte is one of my favorite NASCAR Nextel Cup drivers.

    He started out driving the #22 car for Bill Davis Racing in 1993, and finished second to Jeff Gordon in the Rookie of the Year standings. In 1994 he continued to drive for Bill Davis, but he only had (what some would call) limited success (but I just call that getting on your feet) until he joined Joe Gibbs in 1995.

    He won the Cup championship in 2000, and hopefully 2007 will be a season where he will be a Top 10 factor (or at least be in position to make the Chase) in the point standings.

    Bobby is one of my favorite drivers because you never hear him whining or complaining about anything; even when he might deserve to be. And he's never wrecked out anybody to win a race.moreless
  • Bobby Labonte is the best race car driver.

    Him and Dale Earnhardt are my favorite drivers. Bobby Labonte is so good and he is really hott. He knows how do do everything in racing thats what makes him so good. His brother is really good to. I was so glad when he won in 2000 i wish he would win again and im sure he will.