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Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee


9/17/1972, San Dieo, CA

Birth Name

Robert Lee Jr.



Also Known As

Bae Sung
  • Bobby Lee in Animal Practice
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Stand-up comic who has appeared on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" He performs regularly at the legendary Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California.-IMDB. His most famous role was Bae Sung. Bobby Lee speaks Korean and English.


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  • More annoying than funny

    Definitaly the worst cast member of the last few season. I have never laughed at anything this guy ahs done. If he weren't asian there would be no reason for this guy on the show. I see him dressed as a woman all the time and it's not funny. He is a bad actor and will not go any further than MADTV.
  • Not that funny.

    I must say that this guy is more annoying tha funny. His sketches on Mad TV seemed more focred than funny at all. I wish they wouldn't had featured him so much because he took time away from other actors and actresses. The only times I thought he was actually funny was when he didn't try to be. Other than that, Lee was very much boring and also predictable in his comedy. I must say that overall, I wish he would have been used a lot less and instead used in a more limited role. Overall, he isn't that funny. Thank you.moreless