Bobby Sherman





7/22/1943 , Santa Monica, CA

Birth Name

Robert Cabot Sherman, Jr




Bobby is a California native and as a young boy he kept busy building things, experimenting with the idea of how things worked and putting on shows with the other kids in the neighborhood.

He became interested in music at the age of 11 when he learned to play the trumpet. He can now play 16 different instruments.

At Birmingham High School in Van Nuys Bobby played football, joined a dance band, and discovered his love for singing. From the time that he was in high school, Bobby knew that he wanted to be some type of performer, but wasn't sure how to make it happen.

Bobby's chance to shine came in 1964 when he had a chance to sing with his old band at a Hollywood party. Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood let him know that he was good. It netted Bobby a reputable agent and eventually a part on the television show, "Shindig". The show ran for two years, from 1964 to 1966. During that time Bobby made several records with Decca and another label, but it did not seem to give him the success he deserved.

Guest starrring roles soon followed with Bobby appearing in "The Dating Game", "The FBI", "The Monkees", and "Honey West".

His next big break came in 1968 when he won the role of "Jeremy Bolt" in "Here Comes the Brides". The exposure of a weekly series gave Bobby an extremely loyal following of fans and the superstar status they felt he deserved. His first hit "Little Woman" came in 1969, which led to concert tours on the weekends in which Bobby was mobbed by his adoring fans. His face began appearing on every teen magazine cover, lunch boxes bore his picture, and love beads and "Bobby Sherman Chokers" became the rage.

A March 1971 episode of "The Partridge Family" served as the spin-off for Bobby's TV series "Getting Together", which ran for one year. Also in 1971, Bobby appeared in his very own TV special. Facing tough competition against "All in the Family", "Getting Together" was canceled after only 13 weeks. Instead of letting it get him down, Bobby saw the cancellation of his third series as a welcomed relief from four years of non-stop acting and touring.

A newlywed, Bobby welcomed the birth of his sons, Christopher in 1972 and Tyler in 1974. He thoroughly enjoyed the downtime from his career which allowed him to spend time with his sons and work on his third and final model of Disneyland. Wanting to be a hands-on dad and taking his role of dad very seriously, Bobby took a first aid course which proved to be the open door for his current passion, Emergency Medicine. He and his wife Patti divorced in 1979 and Bobby has remained single.

A trained EMT since 1988, Bobby now works for the L.A.P.D. as a specialist officer, assigned to the training department where he is responsible for teaching thousands of cadets first aid and CPR. Bobby has said that medical rescue work and teaching is the best life experience and training that he could ever get.

In 1999 Bobby became a San Bernadino County Sheriff starting the same service he provided for the L.A.P.D.

Thanks April for all the information on Bobby.

Please remember to learn First Aid and CPR. It Saves Lives. Peace, Love, & Bobby Sherman 4Ever