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  • The Problem with Pauly

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    S 2 : Ep 14 - 8/8/10

    Sonny finds out that the studio head, Mr. Condor, has brought the show "Pauly the Polar Bear's Playroom," to shoot on the lot. The show happens to be Sonny's favorite childhood show, so she introduces her self to her beloved Pauly. However, the guy who plays Pauly quits and makes Sonny wear the costume and pretend to be Pauly. Trapped in the Pauly costume meeting kids, she must convince the man who played Pauly to continue his career for the sake of his inspired fans. Meanwhile, it is Sonny and Chad's seven week aniversary as a couple, but Sonny can't make the date due to being Pauly. Nico and Grady take advantage and tell Chad that Sony may be losing interest, only so they can get him to join their video gamer's group.moreless
  • The Son Also Draws

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    S 1 : Ep 6 - 5/9/99

    Chris loses interest in being a youth scout, as he would rather pursue drawing and art instead. When the Scoutmaster kicks Chris out of the troop, Peter takes the family to New York to try to get him reinstated, but he takes a wrong turn on the way and the family ends up at a Native American casino. Lois gets obsessed with the slot machines while Peter goes on a vision quest to prove that he has Native American blood in him.moreless