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    • Bodie: (his plans after leaving "Big Brother") I've said it a few times — I have a really, really good job and my modelling which I'm quite passionate about. Going in there I didn't really need anything from the show and I think that in itself allowed me to just be myself because I didn't need anything. That's why I could just go in there and be myself and have as much fun as possible and try and be a bit of an entertainer and try and give people a laugh.

    • Bodie: (asked to sum up his "Big Brother" experience) You can't really put it into words. It was a massive amount of fun for me. I tried not to take it too seriously and was just myself.

    • Bodie: (to TJ) Don't be smart, it doesn't suit you.

    • Bodie: (asked if he thought BB was particularly mean in 2007) No. I didn't feel that at all. I think at times when he can see you're really feeling it he's really sensitive and when he sees you're taking the piss and having a laugh he has a go at you. I know that I pushed the boundaries a lot and like to test the waters and see what I can get away with and what I can't get away with.

    • Bodie: I knew a girl called Pandora once – never got to see her box though.

    • Bodie: (on the high point of his "Big Brother" experience) Coming out and just seeing the crowd and hearing them roar my name. It was just surreal.

    • Bodie: (on the low point of his "Big Brother" experience) I think when I got out and I was at the pub and I saw how upset some of the housemates were that I left, I think that was pretty crappy.

    • Bodie: (asked if Emma hadn't had a boyfriend, would he have pursued her) Absolutely. Out of having the hots for her I really built up a respect and a genuine friendship from that and I think that's what we've got now, we've got like a bond. It's just a friendship.

    • Bodie: (on being evicted with TJ) It's all pleasant. We're going to be friends. It's a little bit awkward at times and especially doing interviews and stuff in the same room, like she's in the room now.

    • Bodie: (asked if he regretted hooking up with TJ on "Big Brother") I don't really have any regrets. Whatever happened, happened and I just regret maybe not spending enough time getting to know her beforehand and finding out what she was all about. In regards to like entertainment value, from what I've seen so far, the little snippets, it was funny. Everyone said that they loved that. There were a few aspects of the relationship that were just kooky and funny.

    • Bodie: (asked if he deliberately set out to be annoying in "Big Brother") No. I actually went in there thinking 'I'll try and be a little bit reserved' and that lasted all of about ten minutes. I don't think I can be anything beside myself. You either love me or you hate me.

    • Bodie: You hear a lot when you shut your mouth.

    • Bodie: (on his Big Brother experience with TJ) What I was looking for is what Billy and Aleisha have. Just someone you can depend on in there and enjoy a cuddle with at night. But TJ was just full-on. There were a few times when she was getting really scary. The others said, 'Dude, you're done for! You've had the smooch so you have to stick with it or you'll look like a jerk.' But who she was at the beginning and who she became were totally different.

    • Bodie: I am a metro bogan.

    • Bodie: My mum does my washing, all my cooking and cleaning. Sometimes when I come home from work she's cleaned my room…but I'm not a mama's boy.

    • Bodie: Sometimes I get so caught up in what I'm doing or saying that I can be a bad listener. I get excited at times and find myself thinking my own thoughts, or about the next thing to say, instead of truly listening and taking it in.

    • Bodie: If I commit to a yogurt, I always commit to it. And if I open a block of tofu, I commit to it. Or I wrap it up and commit to it 10 minutes later.