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  • If you are going to be a hater, at least know the facts before you speak!


    Today on Around the Horn you correctly stated that all of Eli Mannings wins have come in his two playoff runs. As if his 8-1 Record in playoff games on the road or at neutral site weren't enough (including 2-0 in the biggest game of the them all,)you incorrectly blurted out that he has never won a playoff game at home! Did you not see the complete thrashing of the Atlanta Falcons at the first playoff game in MetLife stadium history last month? If I'm not mistaken, Eli Manning was the winning QB! 2 rings in four seasons, he threw for more yards this season then Peyton ever has, he broke the record for TD's in the fourth quarter while compiling 7 fourth quarter come from behind wins, and he has now led two come from behind last minute TD drives to win Superbowls! Mind you, the second of which caminsuring a season when he had a bullseye on his back and all the pressure in the world to back up his preseason claim of being an Elite QB in the same class as Tom Brady! He proved it, now give te man his due already!