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  • Trivia

    • In 2007, Bon Jovi was listed at #18 in Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100.

    • As of 2006, Bon Jovi has performed in more than 50 countries, in front of an excess of 32 million people with more than 2,500 concerts.

    • In September, 2005, Bon Jovi gave a donation of one million dollars to Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network. The money was to assist the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. This was the highest donation that the charity had received to date. The check was presented on air and no one at the Oprah show knew about the band's donation.

    • Who Says You Can't Go Home was featured in the commercials for the 2006 "Visit New Jersey" campaign.

    • Bon Jovi's live performance from Dublin, Ireland during the Bounce tour is featured as part of the 2003 Duracell commercial campaign.

    • Their song Wanted Dead or Alive is featured in a TLC commercial for the program Deadliest Catch and in the commercials for the TNT program Wanted.

    • The band was working in a Sayreville, New Jersey studio on the demos for what would become the Slippery When Wet album. They often took breaks around the corner at a local pizza parlor, where the meal was cheap and a group of teens regularly hung out. The band brought in demos of potential songs and played them for the group of kids. Never Say Goodbye was a big hit with this group from the pizza parlor and ended up on the record. The 'PIZZA PARLOR JURY' was born and even though the media created the name; it has stuck with band ever since. This was a not a planed marketing strategy but a casual experiment that became a legend.

    • In September 2005, the band gave a donation of $1,000,000 to Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network. This money was to assist the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. This is the highest donation that this charity has received as of that date.

    • Bon Jovi's duet with Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, Who Says You Can't Go Home, hit # 1 in April 2006. They are the first rock band to ever have a #1 song on the Country chart. This song won the 2006 CMT and Grammy awards for Best Collaboration.

    • The song Bounce was inspired by the career Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots head coach.

    • In 2004, the band celebrated their 20th anniversary since the release of their first album (Bon Jovi), they had 100,000,000 albums sold and they were honored with the Lifetime Merit Award from the American Music Awards.

    • The band made history as the 1st band to perform at Giant's Stadium during a New York Giant's game (vs the 49ers) and they performed It's My Life.

    • A career highpoint came in June 1995 when they sold out 3 nights at the Wembley Stadium in London, England. This concert was documented for their video, Bon Jovi: Live from London, which was nominated for a Grammy. In 2001, they played the last concert at the Wembley Stadium (before it was demolished) during their Crush tour with two sold out shows.

    • A personal high point for the band was their June 11, 1989 sellout homecoming concert at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

  • Quotes

    • Jon Bon Jovi: To have had a couple of songs, like Wanted, Livin' on a Prayer or It's My Life, that um have stood the test of time is the closest thing to immortality that we'll ever experience.

    • Jon Bon Jovi: (About having to live with Richie after Crossroads) There's going to be no living with Richie now. He's used to having a cute blond girl going up to him an just doing this (Jon starts swinging his hips. If you think I'm doing that to you, you're crazy!

    • Jon Bon Jovi: You got to get music out there however you can. Radio is getting smaller and smaller; the record business is getting smaller and smaller. There are things that are fantastic, like the Internet; it's tough because it's created something none of us knew 10 years ago, and you have to learn to roll with those punches. But it's not the way it used to be; it's not the record business that I grew up in.

    • Jon: I started every show in the audience on that last tour and it's good, because as we play these bigger and bigger and bigger and multiple nights at football stadiums, sometimes it's hard to see the people. Let alone touch them. So it was an idea that I'd get out there among the crowd and play Last Man Standing and let the folks in the back have the front-row seats for the first song. We've always been about inclusion with our audience, and I think that's probably another facet to our success.

    • Jon Bon Jovi: (About Lost Highway) You know, it's not about having to prove anything any more. I think we feel that less and less with each album - we know what we've achieved. But it's important to experiment. Without experimentation there wouldn't be growth, and you risk becoming something of a nostalgia act, trying to repeat past successes.

    • Jon Bon Jovi: (Discussing what he thinks kept Bon Jovi together as a band) I guess we just loved it too much to stop.

    • Jon: (What the music of Bon Jovi creates) Three minutes of optimism.

    • Jon:(What the CD Bounce represents) It's a title that leaves itself open to interpretation. The idea behind it was the listener owns the record not just because they purchase it; but because they make it their own like the way I felt when I was a kid and lived for the albums of my favorite bands. In the most simplistic form Bounce could mean the action of a ball or a kid jumping up and down or it can address the resiliency of the band or even our country in the face of adversity.

    • Jon: (How Lost Highway differs from the other Bon Jovi albums) As it stands right now, it's a pretty special record for us. We went in and said we're just going to write some songs. And the beauty of it is that it turned out well. You Want to Make a Memory is the first single. I think that the thread of that song runs throughout this record. Strangers is a pretty hard look at love, when you close the door and you say, "We gotta talk." But the idea of Lost Highway was [that] I see things a lot clearer behind me and the blinding light in front of me is inviting and exciting.

    • Jon:(The experiences drawn from writing the songs for Bounce.) The record is a diary of my life over the last year. Sure, some of the stories are fictional, but as a part of the whole these subjects were something I wanted to talk about. The obvious 9/11 songs (Everyday, Undivided and Bounce) are something we all lived through, Hook Me Up, it's the history we're living through with the Israeli and Palestinian conflict and Misunderstood it's just me in trouble again etc.

    • Jon Bon Jovi: When Richie and I sing well together, that's the magic: Sometimes when I play without the band and I use side musicians it's always somebody trying to imitate Richie. When Richie and I sing together there is nothing like it; that is what the magic of it is; that is what a band is about.

    • (About It's My Life)
      Jon: Richie and I had a good discussion over Frankie said I did it my way. I had just come home from making U-571 and I said, Sinatra made 16 movies and toured 'til he was 80. This is my role model.
      Richie: You can't write that damn lyric. Nobody cares about Frank Sinatra but you.
      Jon: And I wrote it anyway. I said, I'm the one who's gotta sing it every night!