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Bonnie Gail Franklin
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Red-haired and freckled American stage and television actress Bonnie Franklin is a native Californian and a graduate of Beverly Hills High School. She broke into acting with bit parts on such 1960's staples as Gidget, Mr. Novak and The Munsters, while still honing her stage chops, that culminated…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bonnie was nominated for a TONY Award for the musical in 1970.

    • Bonnie's last scripted television credit, and only one (so far) of the 21st century, was on the "Reasonable Doubt" episode of Touched by an Angel, which aired in 2000.

    • While her television work was sporadic in the '90s Bonnie appeared in many regional and local theatre productions.

    • In 2007 Bonnie was nominated for the "She Works Hard for the Money Award (Best Working Mom) at the TV Land Awards.

    • Despite being on of TV's best remembered moms, Bonnie has no children of her own, despite almost forty years of marriage.

    • Bonnie was "discovered" by Norman Lear who spotted her on Broadway, during her 1970 run in Applause.

    • Bonnie's "Anne Romano" character was television's first divorced woman to be the center of a hit show. Previously TV had seen Mary Richards (marital status left deliberately vague) and Lee Grant, whose Fay had debuted a few months prior on NBC but was gone by the time "One Day" debuted in December, 1975.

    • Bonnie made her TV debut at age 12 in an Alfred Hitchcock made-for-television movie The Wrong Man in 1956.

    • Bonnie has claimed in interviews that because of her red hair and freckles people have a hard time believing she is Jewish.

  • Quotes

    • Bonnie Franklin: (Discussing problems in her first marriage to Ron Sossi) We were very much in love. But then I made this discovery. There was something I needed to do that had nothing to do with cooking meals and having babies. I developed this incredible guilt about not being your usual little housewife, and my sinuses started acting up.

    • Bonnie Franklin: (While reviewing tapes of "One Day" for a 2004 special) When I looked at the tapes, I remember thinking how thin I looked. At the time, I was always saying, 'I need to lose weight', 'I need to lose 10 pounds'.

  • One of a Kind

    I fell in love with Bonnie Franklin in the 1970's on "One Day at a Time." In 1980, I wrote her a fan letter and I got a picture of her in the mail. I was madly in love with her. I saw a picture of her in 1979 in US Magazine and she knock me for a loop. She was 35 at the time and she was gorgous. I watch "One Day AT A Time" every sunday night not only to see Valerie Bertinell and Mackinzie Phillips, but I want to see Bonnie Franklin. On Match Game, she told Gene Rayburn that she's singing at a nightclub. I only wish that I was down there to hear her sing. whjen she got married in september 1980, I was heartbroken. Still I continued to watch the show until it cancellation in 1984. After that I heard little of her. Last year "One Day at a Time" held a reunion of the cast members. I was out that night and I didn't see the show, but I wish i did. Bonnie Frankin was a inspiration of my life. I wanted to meet her in person back while "One Day at a Time" was in production. Nopw and them, I still be thinking about her and how she had influenced my life. If only I can say thank you to her. If she is reading this I hope she is smiling at what I wrote. Thanks Bonnie!moreless