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  • One of a Kind

    I fell in love with Bonnie Franklin in the 1970's on "One Day at a Time." In 1980, I wrote her a fan letter and I got a picture of her in the mail. I was madly in love with her. I saw a picture of her in 1979 in US Magazine and she knock me for a loop. She was 35 at the time and she was gorgous. I watch "One Day AT A Time" every sunday night not only to see Valerie Bertinell and Mackinzie Phillips, but I want to see Bonnie Franklin. On Match Game, she told Gene Rayburn that she's singing at a nightclub. I only wish that I was down there to hear her sing. whjen she got married in september 1980, I was heartbroken. Still I continued to watch the show until it cancellation in 1984. After that I heard little of her. Last year "One Day at a Time" held a reunion of the cast members. I was out that night and I didn't see the show, but I wish i did. Bonnie Frankin was a inspiration of my life. I wanted to meet her in person back while "One Day at a Time" was in production. Nopw and them, I still be thinking about her and how she had influenced my life. If only I can say thank you to her. If she is reading this I hope she is smiling at what I wrote. Thanks Bonnie!