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  • Funny as hell.

    Great person.
  • She has charm.

    I have known for a fact that whenever I see Bonnie Hunt, she manages to just make me want to watch her. Well, not really, but it is kind of like that. I think that she is very much a great entertainer and manages to keep things clean. I think she is a pretty good actress and a good talk show host as well. Normally, I would say that she would be a tiring act, but she is still really good at keeping her bits fresh. Overall, she is a good actress, a good host, and I think that she is a decent person. Thank you.
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    Bonnie Hunt is a very humourous actress and some of her bests are Jumanji and Cheapr By The Dozen. I love it how she speaks to herself which is alot of her personality in some of her movies.
  • One very funny Lady!

    OK here we go:
    Bonnie Hunt is a very funny actress but she can also play serious roles as well.
    I love watching her in movies and on Life with Bonnie (although we rarely saw it in Australia)
    She seems to be a very natural person who likes to have fun. There is something about her that I just really like although I cannot pin point watch it is exactly. I think it is because she just seems so down to earth.

    Some of her movies I have enjoyed are:
    Return to Me
    Cheaper by the Dozen, 1 and 2
    ... and I cannot think at the momment but there are more!

  • The most funny actress to ever live!

    As I have seen much of her work she is very hillarious. Her best work of all was a tie between "Chaeper by The Dozen" and "Jumanji" She is histarical! I love the way she is serious when she makes her jokes. Her preformance in "Betoveen" was very good also.

    I love how the second the camera roles she IS that character. She is no longer Bonnie until the words "Cut" are yelled. Or if someone messes up a line she is funny when starts a little joke such as in "Cheaper By The Dozen". When Steve Martain in "Cheaper by the Dozen" messes up in the "Phone" scene when talking to Nora, she calls Steve an idiot. Very funny!