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    • Her first television appearance was on The Mike Douglas Show.

    • She is the daughter to Broadway actor John Raitt.


      1971 - Bonnie Raitt
      1972 - Give It Up
      1973 - Takin' My Time
      1974 - Streetlights
      1975 - Home Plate
      1977 - Sweet Forgiveness
      1979 - The Glow
      1982 - Green Light
      1986 - Nine Lives
      1989 - Nick of Time
      1990 - Collection
      1991 - Luck of the Draw
      1994 - Longing in Their Hearts
      1995 - Road Tested
      1998 - Fundamental
      2002 - Silver Lining

    • She was married to actor Michael O'keefe for 9 years.

    • In 1983 Raitt was droped by Warner Brothers.

    • With 1982's Green Light, Raitt made a conscious attempt to revisit the sound of her earlier records, but to her surprise, many of her peers and members of the press would compare her new sound to the burgeoning New Wave movement.

    • 1979's The Glow, was hoped to be a hit but sadly was released with bad reviews.

    • 1977's Sweet Forgiveness gave Raitt her first commercial breakthrough when it yielded a hit single in her cover of Del Shannon's "Runaway."

    • In 1976, Raitt made a notable appearance on Warren Zevon's self-titled album with Warren Zevon's friend Jackson Browne and Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

    • Raitt was beginning to receive greater press coverage, including a 1975 cover story for Rolling Stone Magazine, but with 1974's Streetlights, reviews for her work were becoming increasingly mixed.

    • 1973's Takin' My Time was met with critical acclaim, but these notices were not matched by the sales.

    • Her second album, Give It Up, was released in 1972 to universal acclaim, and though many critics still regard it as her best work, it did not change her commercial fortunes.

    • In 1967 Raitt entered Harvard's Radcliffe College as a freshman, majoring in African Studies.

    • She was married to actor Michael O'keefe.

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