Bonnie Tyler





6/8/1951 , Skewen, South Wales, UK

Birth Name

Gaynor Hopkins




Gaynor Hopkins was born on 951 to a medium family with six children. Her father was a miner, and her mother, an opera fan, shared the love of music with the kids. Soon, Gaynor grew up to the sounds of the music, and to the gramophone records of Janis Joplin and Tina Turner. When she was in her teen years, she began using her voice in front of the mirror, and decided that the time has come.

She soon performed in a talent contest in a local pub, and won 2nd place. Later, she went to auditions for a female singer for the band Bobby Wayne & The Dixies. She's got the job. Though, the name Gaynor Hopkins sounded too much like Mary Hopkins' name, and she first chose the stage name Sherene Davies - her niece name. The band performed in a club in Wales, owned by Robert Sullivan. He and Bonnie soon fell in love with each other, and married on the night of 4th of July, 1973. A marriage that is still alive. Bonnie also maintained her own band for a while - Imagination.

Roger Bell, a star spotter, listened to her singing one night, and believed she has the chance to record a single. However, My, My Honeycomb, was not a success, by the least. A name change was requested, and after looking in a newspaper, it was found - Bonnie Tyler.

Lost In France was recorded, reached the charts and stayed there for ten weeks. She was invited to Top of The Pops. Her popularity in UK and Germany was rising.

At this time, it was found that there was something wrong with Bonnie's voice - her vocal cords. She had to have a surgery, and could not sing for a while. However, it was hard for her not to talk at all, but she screamed one time unintentionally - what led to her current voice: smoky, husky, famous.

Bonnie's first album, The World Starts Tonight, was recorded with that voice, and was released in 1976. Her second album, Natural Force, contained the song It's A Heartache, a song that was ranked #1 in most charts around the world.

In 1983 she started working with the famous songwriter Jim Steinman. He is responsible for the hit Total Eclipse of The Heart, a song that is remembered he greatest hit up until today, and one of the most loved ballads around the world. Faster Than The Speed of Night was the outcome of their co-operation. It sold more than million copies, and Bonnie was nominated 2 Grammy Awards for that album.
3 years later, Holding Out For A Hero, another one of Bonnie's hits was released.

Later, Bonnie changed her record label, and switched to a German company, Hansa. Album Bitterblue was released. Making Love (Out of Nothing At All), was released under a British company, in 1995. One year later, the album was released again, with the official theme of the Olympics in Germany, Limelight. The famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber invited Bonnie to sing to him in his 50th birthday ceremony.

Bonnie has released a new album almost every 2 years, but never reached a high status of sales again. In 2006, she released a DVD, called Bonnie on Tour.

Bonnie is not just another singer, and her voice is walking in front of her, still leading her to great successes. We will sure her more from this wonderful artist.