Booker Huffman

Booker Huffman


3/1/1965, Houston, Texas

Birth Name

Booker Terrence Huffman



Also Known As

G.I. Bro, Booker Terrence Huffman, Booker T, The Booker Man, King Booker
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Booker Huffman, better known as Booker T, is a professional wrestler currently competing for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Huffman has wrestled for WWE and WCW in the past, and is a six time World Champion (holding the WCW Title five times).


Trivia and Quotes

  • All hail Booker T. Booker T has always been looked upon as second place. some times even third place

    All hail Booker T. Booker T has always been looked upon as second place. some times even third place. Booker T is a pro wrestler for TNA wrestling. He has worked for the WCW and WWE. He was trained by Scott Casey. His brother is wrestler Lane Huffman, who wrestles under the name Stevie Ray. Booker T and Stevie Ray first began tag teaming as The Ebony Experience and later enjoyed great success in WCW as the tag team Harlem Heat. I loved Booker's quotes they are All hail the King of the World, Bow down loyal peasants, to the king of the Smackdown kingdom, Tell me he didn't say that? and Can you dig it, Sucka? He has won 36 titles in his 17-year career. He is the most decorated champion in WCW history having won 22 titles during his time with the company. He Joins The Rock as the only African-Americans to be a WWE Champion as of June 23, 2006. his championships are being a 5 5 5 5 5 time WCW heavyweight champion. a Wold heavyweight champion, a 10 time WCW Tag Team champion(with brother Stevie ray) a 4 time United States Champion, a 6 time WCW Television Champion, a 3 time WWE World Tag Team Champion(Test, Goldust, and RVD) a Intercontinental Champion. Now soon to be Tna heavyweight champion. He is also a king of the ring I hope Booker goes back to the WWE and wins many heavyweight championships.moreless
  • Booker T has always been looked upon as second place.

    Ever since his WCW days Booker has been overshawdowed. He never seems to be the maineventer. But now is a whole different story the last few months things have finaly played out for Booker, he has won the US Title, the King Of The Ring and now has won the the World Heavyweight Championship. He is now known as King Booker and looks better than ever. But he should have been a even bigger star imo. he is so talented in every aspect of WWE. he has finominal mic skills and pretty good ring skills. He also has a great spinaroonie. But he is a great wrestler.moreless