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Boris Sagal





10/18/1917 , Dnepropetrovsk (Russia)



Birth Name




Boris Sagal was born on October 18th, 1917 in Dnepropetrovsk (Russia). He emigrated to the USA and worked there mostly as a director but also as a producer. Due to his job, the family had to move often from Los Angeles to New York and the other way around. Among his works are „The Omega Man", „Masada", „Peter Gunn", „Columbo" and „The Man from U.N.C.L.E.".

Katey reported that her father always wanted her to be an actress so he put her into movies and TV shows he directed. These are „The Dream Makers", „Columbo: Candidate for Crime" and „The Failing of Raymond".

Boris could never finish his latest movie „World War III" which he was shooting in Oregon. He was tragically killed when walking into the rotor blades of a helicopter while the film crew was on location scout. Although he was flown to a hospital right away, he passed six hours later due to critical injuries on head and shoulders on May 22nd, 1981.