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Before forming Bowling for Soup, frontman Jaret Von Erich was wasting his days in a death metal band. All that changed in 1994 in Wichita Falls, TX when Erik decided to make what he calls "happy" music. He recruited guitarist/vocalist Christopher Van Malmsteen, bassist Erik Rodham Clinton, and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The band released their first live dvd called Bowling for Soup: Live and Very Attractive.

    • Their song When We Die was #68 on MTV Asia's list of Top 100 Hits of 2007.

    • The album's title originated from the news ticker on the bottom of a TV screen that the group saw when in a hotel bar. The headline said Burrito Extortion Case which intrigued the band members.

    • Bowling For Soup covered the song of Britney Spears that was Baby One More Time which was one of the soundtrack of the Disney's movie Freaky Friday.

    • They covered the song of Fergie's song London Bridge.

    • All of the band members are fans for the comedian Mitch Hedberg.

    • They have four vehicles. They are El Guapo, Meadowlark, La Galetta, and Whoop.

    • Chris's guitar is a custom Gibson Les Paul. He has had a custom paint job done on it.

    • They have vowed to never play at weddings.

    • The song "1985" was originally going to be called "1984", but 1985 rhymed with preoccupied.

    • Jaret's previous jobs included construction worker and a toy store owner. Chris's jobs included paperboy, cook, janitor, painter, and he worked at a camp for mentally unstable adults. Erik used to be a janitor, waiter, and bartender. Finally, Gary's job was a picture framer.

    • Jaret has college degrees in business management and psychology.

    • In the video Girl All the Bad Guys Want, Jaret dresses up as the lead singer of Staind and Fred Durst.

    • The band never has a set list before they play. It has been this way since the band formed.

    • The song Girl All the Bad Guys Want was originally written about angry musicians who had problems with their dads.

    • According to Jaret, the six years before they had a major label debut were the funnest.

    • Chris and Jaret had first met as kids.

    • The band has sold over one million albums.

    • Joey House is the name of the mom in the "1985" video.

    • The song High School Never Ends was released on iTunes September 19, 2006.

    • Lance Morril left the band on good terms in 1998 and was replaced by Gary Wiseass.

    • The band was formed by Jaret Reddick, Erik Chandler, Chris Burney, and Lance Morril.

    • The band is based in Denton, Texas.

    • Every band member is terrible at bowling. Chris's best score is 70.

    • The song Jaret is most proud of writing is "Friends O' Mine".

    • When the manager learned of the Grammy nomination, he called Jaret, who was with his wife in the delivery room waiting for the birth of his daughter.

    • The name Bowling for Soup came from a 1978 Steve Martin comedy album. It was supposed to be temporary, but it was never changed.

    • Their biggest influences are The Defendants, The Ranmones, and Motley Crew.

    • The song "Punk Rock 101" makes reference to Bon Jovi twice. The first time is the line: "when she cried because she thought Bon Jovi broke up". The second time is: "Like Tommy and Gina, they're livin' on a prayer". Tommy and Gina are fictional people in the song "Livin' On a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.

    • They met while playing in a coffee shop that Chris ran. They were all in different bands.

    • In the video "When We Die", Jaret's father is played by Lee Majors.

    • Jaret writes most of the songs himself.

    • The Album The Great Burrito Extortion Case was tentatively titled All My Rowdy Friends are Still Intoxicated or We're Not Fat, We Just Have Small Heads.

    • When asked about where he felt the band would be 10 years from now, Jaret replied that they will keep playing as long as people will listen.

    • The CD A Hangover You Don't Deserve was almost called Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls.

    • Zac Malloy, the members of Fastball, Perry from Nerf Herder, Mitch Allen, Jeff Coplanas, and Stan from Sugar RAy and his partner Steve Fox helped write the songs in A Hangover You Don't Deserve.

    • Their summer tour is always called The Get Happpy Tour.

    • Jaret was born on March 6 in Grapevine, Texas.

    • Their favorite beer is Miller Lite.

    • Their song "When We Die" was co-written with Butch Walker.

    • At one part in the song "On and On (About You)", the chorus is sung in French.

    • Videography
      Girl All the Bad Guys Want
      Punk Rock 101
      I Melt with You
      High School Never Ends
      When We Die
      I'm Gay

    • Bowling For Soup have released 3 singles off their album The Great Burrito Extortion Case and they are.
      "High School Never Ends"
      "When We Die"
      "I'm Gay

    • They did the theme song for The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

    • Their first album Bowling For Soup ws released in September 1994.

    • Their second album Cell Mates was released in February 1996.

    • Their third album Rock On Honorable Ones!!! was released in 1998.

    • Their album Let's Do It for Johnny! was released on May 16, 2000.

    • The band's album Drunk Enough to Dance was released on August 6, 2002.

    • Their album A Hangover You Don't Deserve was released on September 14, 2004.

    • Their album The Great Burrito Extortion Case was released on November 7, 2006.

    • Their album A Hangover You Don't Deserve was certified Gold by the RIAA.

    • Bowling for Soup did the theme song for The Drew Carey Show for one season.

    • Their song "Almost" has reached number 23 on the US Pop 100 chart.

    • Jarett Reddick wrote all the songs for their album Let's Do It For Johnny.

    • Their song "Punk Rock 101" was on the soundtrack for NHL 2004.

    • They are a pop punk band.

    • Their song "1985" has reached number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    • In 1999, they released their first EP called Tell Me When To Whoa.

    • The lead singer of the band Jarret Reddick manages a band called DV8.

    • The band played the theme song for the movie Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius.

    • In 2002, Bowling for Soup was nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Preformance by a Group or Duo.

    • The band is with Epic Records.

    • Their song "Almost" had the word "almost" in it sixteen times.

      Rock On Honorable Ones was the first album we ever recorded in a REAL studio. We recorded it off and on from June 1997, until October of that same year. This album is our first attempt at rounding the edges off of the PUNK ROCK thing, and trying to find a sound we could stick with. We released it in January of 1998, and have pressed it five times, selling around 8000 copies as of May 2000. Ska was big, and we had just moved to Denton, TX, where JAZZ IS KING, so BEWARE OF THE HORN SECTION on four or five tracks. "Scope" was the big single, but "2113" is still a favorite at shows. This album still stands up well on its own. It is still available at finer record stores everywhere!

      The 13-song album that took its name from the Francis Ford Coppola flick, The Outsiders and was the culmination of years of touring in an '82 Dodge, and show-stealing at gigs with bands as diverse as Blink 182, Sammy Hagar, POE, C & C Music Factory, Agent ORANGE, and many others . Several Let's Do It For Johnny tracks, such as "Belgium," "Scope" and "The B**ch Song" (remixed by Matt Wallace of Everlast and Faith No More fame), were re-done from previous BFS albums including Tell Me When to Whoa! and Rock On Honorable Ones. Others, like "Pictures He Drew," which lyrically tackles a painful true story, "Hang On", and "All Figured Out" were brand-new compositions. In fact, I was rushing to write as many new songs as I could two days before we started recording, fearing we would be regurgitating songs on the fans in Texas that had been with us for so many years…And of course, "Summer of '69" is a creative cover of the hit written by Canadian treasure turned Englishman Bryan Adams.

    • Here are a few things I hate...

      • Guys, even bald guys, that don't use shampoo. For some reason that pisses me off.
      • People that cross their arms, but without crossing them. They just fold one OVER the other. One hand grabs a rib, the other, an elbow. If you have ever done this in a photo, I hope you are happy with yourself.
      • Guys who say bro AND dude. I think a choice needs to be made here.
      • Drunk people when I am sober.
      • Tall guys on the front row of anything, unless I am not paying attention to what it is they are watching.
      • Short girls BEHIND tall guys that complain about not being able to see, instead of moving to a less vertically challenged spot.
      • Door guys in las angela's california.
      • People that work in the food industry, but think they are meteorologists.
      • People who climb things for no reason.
      • Waiters that sit down at the table with you while taking your order.
      • People in their mid twenties that still hate someone they haven't seen since high school.

      • Dentists.
      • Hemorrhoids.
      • Cars that look like shoes.
      • Drivers that shift lanes more than their quota, which is basically based on my feelings at that particular moment.
      • The fact that french fries are so bad for us, but are served with, and go well with, everything.
      • Mice...even that little Mickey.....I hate mice....Stuart Little is cool, but I think just cause he doesn't act like an asshole to the cat.....oh and he sounds like michael j fox when he talks......
      • coffee....
      • Basketballs that don't quite have enough air to bounce right, but do have enough to look inviting to those who like to bounce balls....
      • People that speak their mind.....I really think we should keep more bottled up as a society....

    • Jaret changed his last name from "Von Erich" to "Reddick."

    • Albums:

      'Rock On, Honerable Ones,' 'Do it for Johnny!,' 'Drunk Enough to Dance,' 'A Hangover You Don't Deserve' 'The Great Burrito Extortion Case.

  • Quotes

    • Jaret: If you need a silly song written about a girl, I'm your guy.

    • Gary: We probably drink more than advertised. Come hang out with us and you'll see that we're all about having a good time.

    • Jaret: Each one of these songs that I write are pieces of me, as cheesy as that sounds. I remember every single one of them. And I remember where I was when I wrote it and what I was thinking about.

    • Jaret: We don't really lash out against anybody. I'm happy for anybody who has success. This is not an easy industry to do well in.

    • Jaret: Everybody's very happy. That seems to be our running theme.

    • Jaret: Never **** off a cop, especially if he has a big freakin' dog!

    • Jaret: This is gonna sound corny, but the thing that's kept us psyched about playing music, besides all the free beer, isn't fame or fortune or hit songs. It's that we never lost that feeling of excitement we had the first time we sat down to write something together. You look at this band anytime from then to now, and we're basically the same: just a bunch of fun, beer-drinking fan-boys from Texas who got lucky. The fact that we've been able to parlay that into something that makes other people happy is payment in itself. (burps, then pauses) Between you and me, that's the first time I've used the word 'parlay' since college.

    • Jaret: I have decided that people that refuse to check baggage when flying were once, and could possibly still be, bed wetters.

    • Jaret: The stupidest things I ever did in my life: Once my brother took the blame for dropping a jar of jam onto a cake my mother had made for a party, when, after all, it was me that ruined the cake. My mom was pretty bent out of shape, but I thought my brother to be such a hero. 10 minutes later, my brother pissed me off and to get even with him, I went and admitted that I had ruined my mothers prized dessert. It took me a few days to realize what a dumb ass I was, but I eventually figured it out and swore to always blame everything on someone else, whenever I get the chance.

  • I love this band!!

    Bowling for Soup is one of my favorites band! They have good music, that doesn't have anything stupid or cheesey in it. The singing sounds awesome, and they play their intrements amazingly! They deffenectly have my vote for one of the greats! Its a same why they aren't making anymore music.