Boy George





Bexley, Kent

Birth Name

George Alan O'Dowd




George Alan O'Dowd, aka Boy George, is a popular gender-bending musican from the 80s, born June 14th 1961, in Bexley, Kent. George is most well-known for his work in the band Culture Club, but is currently a DJ.

George sang briefly in the 80's New Wave band Bow Wow Wow, under the name Lieutenant Lush. Unfortunately, Boy's presence in the band caused friction, most notably with singer Annabella Lwin.

After Bow Wow Wow, George decided to form his own band, with DJ Mikey Craig on bass. Eventually, John Moss, and Ron Hay joined the band as well. 1982 saw George's band release their first album, "Kissing to Be Clever". Because of George's eccentric manner of dress and androgynous looks, he became a celebrity worldwide and a favourite for MTV.

Unfortunately, by 1983, the band was in trouble, because of George's affair with drummer Jon, which was becoming more difficult to keep secret from the public. Once the relationship was over, it became more and more difficult for George and Jon to work as a musical team, and resulted in George's heroin addiction. Due to many factors, 1984's "Waking Up With the House on Fire" failed to be popular.

After a slight comeback in 1986 with "From Luxury to Heartache", Culture Club broke up, because of the antagonistic relationship between George and the drummer, and George's addictions.

After George quit heroin and Culture Club had disbanded, he started a solo career, with 1987's "Sold". George scored several hits, including 1992's "The Crying Game", but failed to reach the success generated from Culture Club.

In 1998, Culture Club reformed for a reunion tour, and recorded the album "Don't Mind If I Do". The band has again disbanded, with Boy George concentrating on his DJ career.

Boy George Partial Discography: 1987's "Sold", 1989's "High Hat", 1992's "Spin Dazzle", 1995's "Cheapness and Beauty", 1999's "Galaxy Mix", and 2004's "Taboo".