Boyd Clack

Boyd Clack


3/7/1951, Vancouver, Canada

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Boyd Clack


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Boyd Clack was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1951, but was raised in Tonyrefail in South Wales. His television work includes co-writing and acting in the comedy shows Satellite City and High Hopes. He has also appeared in the films, Twin Town, The Testimony Of Taliesin Jones, Themore


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    • Boyd: (speaking about his new music CD Last Bus To Porthcawl) I am very proud of Last Bus To Porthcawl and hope it will be well received in Wales and beyond.

    • Boyd: I'm Welsh working class and I've known all sorts of weird and wonderful beings. I really like Welsh people - there is a gentleness and goodness to us.

    • Boyd: (talking about High Hopes director Gareth Gwenlan) I've never worked with a director like Gareth. He has a natural authority and obvious immense control of what he's doing and it gives the cast and crew real security and confidence.

    • Boyd: (talking about his show High Hopes) The idea for High Hopes came initially from an article in The South Wales Echo about some youngsters finding an old man's body under a stairwell on a Valleys estate. This then got muddled up in my head with the plight of the homeless, especially young homeless people. We have a generation of young people cast adrift. They have no security, no love and no hope. This isn't their fault - it's ours.

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