Brad Beyer

Brad Beyer


9/20/1973, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

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  • Brad Beyer as Zack Peacham on GCB.
  • Brad Beyer on Good Christian Belles.
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His first brush with acting was in a University of Minnesota acting class for non-theater majors, but by the time he left college, his professor was encouraging him to go to New York as an actor. A positive review of his appearance in an off-Broadway production, "The Chili…more


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    I think that the people who chose the cast for Jericho really stuffed up as about 5 members of the cast I really dislike and the rest are ok and theres only 2 people who have tallent. Brad's character is alright, nothing special and sometimes gets on my nerves.
  • Just from watching Brad Beyer as Stanley in Jericho, one would have to agree that he is very talented!

    Brad Beyer, brings to television a quality that is rarely seen among actors. He is definitely bursting with talent.

    Brad has this unique ability that draws people to his character, creating in them, love for him and his work.

    In Jericho we can see him as a hard working, morally upstanding farmer. Added to that, he is the protective big brother and loyal citizen.

    What's not to love?

    Plus, in the romance department....he's got it too. Just watch him with Mimi ( in Jericho), he knows just how to look at a person to make them feel like the most important thing in the world; plus he knows when not to look.

    Overall, Brad beyer is a very talented actor and will hopefully go places in the future!moreless