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  • Cool guy!

    I hope Brad Dourif makes some more movies. Maybe even a TV show. He's just so hilarious.
  • An enormous talent.

    A gigantic talent. He is amazing. I love this guy, he steals the show in whatever hes in. His motion picture debut in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" was excellent that movie is a classic. His voice as the killer doll Chucky in the "Child's Play" movies was maniacally funny. But his best role to date was serial killer Luther Lee Boggs in the episode "Beyond The Sea" of the "X-Files" His exaggerated facial expressions are at their best in that, you truly believe he is one crazy guy.

    He is very underrated, he deserves allot more recognition for his outstanding acting.
  • So good it's scary!

    Brad Dourif completley and smoothly melts away into whatever role he's playing and that's a skill to be envied by all actors and actresses who are seriously passionate about their craft. My favorite Brad movies so far would have to be The Child's Play films and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. It was just so hard for me to believe that the voice behind the smart-ass,psycho killer doll could play a soft spoken,troubled young man with a severe stutter and gain an Oscar nod for it. Those are two 100% polar opposite characters and he pulled them both off perfectly.
  • Brad has an amazing ability to portray his character's feelings through his expression. When watching him all other characters seem to be drowned out and you become fixated. I would love to see him playing bad guys in many more movies - he is always memor

    Brad has an amazing ability to portray his character\'s feelings through his expression. When watching him all other characters seem to be drowned out and you become fixated. His roll as brother Edward in Babylon 5 is quite simply one of the best characters i\'ve ever seen - easily the best single-episode characters in the entire Babylon 5 series.

    His rolls in movies are equally impressive, the movie
    \"Senseless\" is one that springs to mind.

    There aren\'t many actors with Brad\'s qualities, for example,
    Tom Cruise acts like Tom Cruise in every movie (sorry Tom,
    but it\'s true - with the exception of \"Born on the Fourth of
  • I love this guy ...

    I don't know if I would ever want Brad to become some hugely famous actor, because it may possibly cause him to lose his allure.

    One of the most brilliant character actors of our time, Brad has an uncanny ability to really make the people he is portraying come to life.

    Definitely one of my all time favourites. I have been a fan of his for over 20 years, and probably will remain so.

  • Best Actor in Hollywood!

    I am good at recognizing actors I've seen in something else. I annoy my mom by pointing out Law & Order day players who appear in other shows or in commercials. I saw Brad in five different things without realizing that it was the same guy. Think about that. Can you say that about Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? How many actors can completly disappear into their part so you don't know it's them? I can tell you that when I watch a movie, I don't want to sit there and go, "Oh, there's Brad Pitt throwing a spear at Orlando Bloom." I like the fact that this person's ego didn't get in the way of his ability to do his job. He is the best actor I've ever seen and I think he deserves some recognition!