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  • Overrated!

    Full of himself. Not a bad actor. Like that he gives his money and time.
  • Laidback and genuinely humble

    I've seen him in a ton of interviews, and this guy is always a great actor to sit and have a talk with. He come off charismatic, optimistic, friendly, happy-go-lucky, and just a gem in role-playing. Of course, his movie presence is great... he is versatile as poor, rich, romance, action, and a historical actor.... can't wait to see what else he has in store for us.
  • Good looking and great actor

    What to say about Brad? Well, lets see.. Handsome, smart, good, and off course GREAT ACTOR. I love him, adore! ;) He's in this "movie waters" for a long time, and i loved him in all of his movies, and now in the Oceans 13. From the Twelve Apes, where he played a wacko across the "vampire role" with Tom to the high casino bad boy he's really great. I think he deserves an Oscar, but i guess that's not so important, i mean even without the Oscar, he is still one of the best actors in the world, and so he doesn't need some statue to prove that. He has proven that many times in his variable roles.
  • For helping to rebuild the Ninth Ward in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt has proven what kind of man he really is.

    Unlike the hundreds of celebrities who stood by and complained how awful it was that New Orleans was so badly damaged after the most destructive storm in recent history, Brad Pitt got off his backside and put his money where his mouth is. He formed the "Make It Right Foundation" and organized a small army of engineers, architects, material suppliers and laborers to begin reconstructing the homes that the federal and state governments refused to do themselves. For his efforts and his accomplishments in Louisiana, Brad Pitt deserves to be commended. The families who have been able to return to their homes and begin to rebuild their lives will always know that he is more than just a movie star: he's a hero.

    I Just Love Him As An Actor And As A Human. He Has Helped So Many People, That Other's Wouldn't Even Think Twice About. There Need To Be More People Like Him And Angelina In This World. They Are Not Only Good People In That Regard, But They Are Both Good Actors. They Are Both People I Would Love To Meet. I Have Been Crazy About Brad Pitt Since The First Time I Saw Him In Legends Of The Falls. My Husband Is In Love With Angelina. It's A Standing Joke With Us. Keep Up The Good Work. Thanks
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    Kadodian Shut the **** off please:) becuase brad is superb actor... world know this! brad is a different actor and he is very hand some... he's one of the ten best in hollywood...
  • Way too cold !

    Okay so he's cool and he's sexy and he has a really hot body and blah blah blah. In my oponion he's overrated and I think people should just stop making his head bigger and bigger with all the attention he's getting from the media. He never changes his style. He's always so calm and cool and has this stood straight never curved thing going which I admit is great for some characters like for his roles in ' Troy ' and ' Mr. and Mrs. Smith ' but for other it's just lame. Like in his new movie ' Burn After Reading ', He tried making himself funny after lots of years of being plain and empty but instead of funny he came out as goofy and stupid. Also Benjamin Button was too overrated. The whole movie he just sat there and talked. His expressions never changed. It was as if he was a straight line that goes on forever. His roles are loved because the writers did a great job writing his characters and he just adds the sexy factor, nothing more. I think he's way too overrated !!!
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    Best And Talanted & handsome actor! Special actor he is one in the Legends of the Fall - Fight Club -Snatch - Se7en - Twelve Monkeys - Ocean's Eleven - Interview with the vampire - Babel - Assassination of Jesse James - Mr. and Mrs. Smith - 7Years in tabat & ...
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    Brad Pitt is, I grudgingly admit, a very good actor. Obviously he's a handsome man, but that would normally bias me against him. He's done some great work. Fight Club, 12 Monkeys, Seven, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith are all quality movies. The first Oceans movie was good, but the subsequent sequels were lame and self-indulgent.

    He usually chooses interesting projects and performs them well. And he isn't an overly preachy actor, which is good in my book.
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    He is Smart & GoodLook & Superb Actor & Hot:-)
    I Really Like Bradly... He is Best...
  • A great and funny actor...

    I haven't seen many movies with Brad Pitt, but the ones I have seen with him are pretty good. A lot of girls go crazy over Brad because they think he's handsome and hott. He is good-looking, but I don't think he's THAT hott. I mainly like him because of his acting. He is a superb actor! He always seems to find a way to mix humor in with his acting - regardless of if it's a comedy, action and adventure, or suspense. Some of my favorite movies of Brad's are: Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I have yet to see Ocean's Thirteen, but I'm sure it will be just as good as the other ones.
  • Used to think he was just a pretty face, but it turns out he has talent too. Oh well, we're all wrong sometimes.

    At one point, I was certain he was just too pretty. Every girl I knew was in sighs over him, and that immediately set my teeth on edge: I was prepared to think him a talentless hack, a male model getting by on looks alone (as so many female actresses seem to do). I was prepared for contempt. Then I watched "True Romance" again - it's a bit part, but funny as .... and he played the crazy guy from 12 Monkeys, an edgy bit in a weird sci-fi film. You could not find a part more guaranteed to win me over. I was sold, hook line and sinker. Then he played Death. Death! I mean, how much cooler can one man be? And then he has the sense to dump the self-absorbed popular girl for the ethically concious hottie while acting in a movie about assasins... dear lord, the man's a genius. I forsee that years from now, when he's an old fart, he'll be one of those classic actors that get the wizard part. Awesome.
  • One of the best actors in hollywood.

    Brad Pitt is one of the best actors around. I have been a huge fan of his for as long as I can remember. I think that he does a wonderful job with all of his character and i do not think that there is a brad pitt role that i do not like. I think that he did a wonderful job with the movie Mr and Mrs Smith i really enjoyed watching him work with Angelina Jolie. I really hope that he is more movie and i can not wait to see what else he does in his career maybe he will do a tv show one day but i really do not see that happening.
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    Brad Pitt is a very good actor. He is very famous and I really believe that he has a kind of talent, but he usually backs it up with some not very well done scenes, he has seriously appear in a lot of good movies, I love "Fight Club" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" was also pretty cool. I really like his style and the way he works.
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    Great, charismatic actor who plays great in some of my favourite movies like 12 Monkeys, Seven and Fight club.
  • Great

    Brad is an original. Along with being so good looking he is also a jenuenly great actor. He shows his colors in shuch movies as True Romance, where he has a very small role but the performanceis memorable and funny. Fight club really sealed it for me. His abs were fantastic but the role was great too. The movie was original and probably a risk for him but it really resonated with our generation and is one of the best, cementing him in our time as a great actor. Here's hoping that he keeps choosing the risky role and giving us the original experience.
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    Brad Pitt is probably, next to Tom Cruise, one of the most famous actors of our modern time. Pitt has acted in a broad range of roles from an action star (Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Fight Club) to that of a family man trying to save his family and revenge his wife's death. Although his vocal delivery is something to be worked on, his action skills are top notch.
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    I only know of some of Brad Pitt's more recent material like Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Oceans 11-13 series. In all of these he was fabulous but I can't say that he is one of my favourites. I think that he was best in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I hope he does more good stuff over the coming years, I still need to see the Departed.
  • Good actor.

    Ok so a lot of you are writing, oh he's a traitor and blah blah blah. This is about the whole Jennifer Aniston thing. But correct me if I'm wrong please. Didn't he want a family and she said she was not ready because her acting career was starting to take off, and being pregnant I guess would be bad.Crap!! HMMM. Maybe she should take some lessons from Angelina. Because she was pregnant, and guess what she was working on set, wow amazing ain't it? So you know what, good for Brad he's a family man and now he's got his own child, and he's happy. The guy is a awesome actor and only getting better with age. And he was never about the image thing. The man's blessed with good looks and thats that. He wanted to stay away from the teen idol image thing. Because he's actually talented. Talk about being an divers actor, just look at all the roles he's done.
  • Mr Smith

    Well, I wasn't pretty much happy when I found out that e broke up with Jenn. Oh well, him and Angie stll make a cute couple!!!! I hope I will see him in a movie soon! And I hope it will be 'Oceans 13'!!!! I heared a rumour about it!!! Yaaayy!
  • Sexiest Man Alive In My Heart

    Honestly Brad Pitt has to be the sexiest man alive. EVER! He's not only good looking but he is a good actor. But since he split with Jennifer Aniston he's hasn't been so great to me. Angelina has changed him. He's adopted her kids, he dyed his hair this nasty black color, he's done more humanitarian work than ever before and more. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I wish that time would turn back and Nicole Kidman took that role of Mrs.Smith instead of the role in Bewitched. Then Brad and Jen would still be together and none of this Brangelina thing would have happened. I mean they named their kid Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. That's an ugly name. And Shiloh is a dog's name. Please don't take offense. It's just my opinion.
  • No one goes to see Brad act - We go for the great eye-candy!


    Exactly what makes him one of the biggest stars in Hollywood? Is it his devastating good looks? His hot Bod perhaps - his overall luck with the ladies? Goodness knows; but Brad Pitt seems to be a favorite.

    I can't understand it - maybe it's his charisma and charm! I honestly don't think people go to watch Brad in action in front the camera anymore. Once a director whispers Brad, underwear, revealing clothing 4/5 of the female population has run off to buy tickets and the other 1/5 are either in coma's or can't leave the hospital.

    I suppose you use what works and Brad Pitt definately knows how to work it - I don't think he's going to fade anytime soon...but the clock is ticking.
  • he is super hot!

    Brad Pitt is such a hunk. He is super hot even if he is in his forty. Other thabn that he has one of the beautifulest ladies. Well, he is super talented and i love the way he acted in the movei Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He gets over million dollars for a movie and he is such a good actor. He looks like just a perfect man. I mean no ones perfect but in my eyes he will always be. he looks like the perfect husband and father. Hopefully, he will get to show that to hoepfully his future wife(i believe) and with his new baby girl Shiloh. Born on May 27, 2006 in Nambia, Africa, and with his two adopted children; Zahara and Maddox.:D
  • Brad Pitt is a good actor. Very sexy but i think he was wrong for leaving his wife of 5 years to be with a fling it dont matter how good she looks wrong is wrong but in the end him and his fling wont last even with the baby

    Brad is a good actor and he is fine but he was wrong to leave his wife for a fling that wont even last long even though they are having a baby but you know what goes around comes around but he can keep making those good movies. but he looks he being control by angelina. him and jen were cute couple but that cool though. Anyways i think the hottest movie he play in was interview with the vampire. he can suck on my neck anyday of the week ya know. Then the movie troy was a good one he was so hot i watch that movie like everyday.
  • Getting better with age.

    I am a lot younger than Brad but that doesn't matter, he is still sexy as all hell! lol :) ... and getting better with age.

    Brad Pitt is a excellent actor who can play serious roles as well a comedic roles. He really gets into the roles he is playing and seems to put a lot of passion into the more dramatic roles. I enjoy watching him in both.

    Fame and being the "sexiest man alive" does not seem to have gone to his head (too much!) and he just seems to be a likable guy.
    Although some may disagree I think he has handled the media well over the years.
  • I think brad is too lucky to be with angelina!Hey brad if you are reading this text now, i want you to take care of my babe...otherwise i\'m gonna make angelina adopt a black **** to fill her empty spaces...

    I think brad is too lucky to be with angelina!Hey brad if you are reading this text now, i want you to take care of my babe...otherwise i\'m gonna make angelina adopt a black **** to fill her empty spaces...I think brad is too lucky to be with angelina!Hey brad if you are reading this text now, i want you to take care of my babe...otherwise i\'m gonna make angelina adopt a black **** to fill her empty spaces...I think brad is too lucky to be with angelina!Hey brad if you are reading this text now, i want you to take care of my babe...otherwise i\'m gonna make angelina adopt a black **** to fill her empty spaces...I think brad is too lucky to be with angelina!Hey brad if you are reading this text now, i want you to take care of my babe...otherwise i\'m gonna make angelina adopt a black **** to fill her empty spaces...
  • Brad Pitt is a great actor

    I don't care what people say about him I think hes a great actor, granted I didn't like him at first but after watching Ocean's 11 I started to like him, he really is a talented actor, and is a lucky man to be going with Angelina Jolie, they make a great couple, and the movie they played together in Mr and Mrs. Smith was good. He also played in Oceans 11 and 12 I didn't get to Oceans 12 al the way though but what I did see was pretty good. I think people need to leave him alone about dumping Jennifer Aniston, I think it was a smart move, I alos think Angelina Jolie is a lot better looking.
  • a great man.

    Him and angelina jolie make a great couple.Better than that bitch Jennifer Aniston.But now brad has kids with angelina jolie they both always :-* and thats wonderful.I heard on may 18 angelina's bay is due so they could be 1 happy family.Now angelina and brad have 3 kids Maddox Jolie-Pitt,Zahara Jolie-Pitt,and the new baby in may 18th.U guys r the coolest couples.
  • brad pitt a.k.a. TALENTLESS

    This man can not act to save his life. He has based his erm "career" on his good looks alone. I admit the guy is good looking but I believe you SHOULD need more than that to make in Hollywood just look at Adrian Brody not the best looking of actors but one of the greatest actors of our time. Brad is known for his terrible decision making like hooking up with Angelina jolie I do wonder some times if there is brains under that hair of his. He has done one good film in my mind and that is fight club but Edward Norton carried brads poor performance in filming. I believe acting is not for him I think he should quit and get a job in MacDonald’s.
  • He is so handsome.

    I love him if I could just one night see him oh my God it's just a dream. His work is good very good there is a lot of movies made of him that I like it one is Mister and Misses Smith he and Angoline Jolie were amazing I loved that movie, other great movie was Troy he was fantastic and the story is good too, but we can't forget Ocean's Eleven that movie I think I saw it a hundred time it's one of my favourite movies the cast is amazing with Goege Clooney, Julia Roberrts,Matt Demon and others great actor and Oceans Twelve oh my God was incredible and with Catherine Zeta-Jones she's really good too.
    Now talking about his personal life I think that Jennifer Aniston match more with him both of them are blond and have blue eyes, but now he's so happy with Angelina Jolie that he is going to adopt Agelina's children, isn't that sweet?
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