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  • Good actor.

    Ok so a lot of you are writing, oh he's a traitor and blah blah blah. This is about the whole Jennifer Aniston thing. But correct me if I'm wrong please. Didn't he want a family and she said she was not ready because her acting career was starting to take off, and being pregnant I guess would be bad.Crap!! HMMM. Maybe she should take some lessons from Angelina. Because she was pregnant, and guess what she was working on set, wow amazing ain't it? So you know what, good for Brad he's a family man and now he's got his own child, and he's happy. The guy is a awesome actor and only getting better with age. And he was never about the image thing. The man's blessed with good looks and thats that. He wanted to stay away from the teen idol image thing. Because he's actually talented. Talk about being an divers actor, just look at all the roles he's done.