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  • Used to think he was just a pretty face, but it turns out he has talent too. Oh well, we're all wrong sometimes.

    At one point, I was certain he was just too pretty. Every girl I knew was in sighs over him, and that immediately set my teeth on edge: I was prepared to think him a talentless hack, a male model getting by on looks alone (as so many female actresses seem to do). I was prepared for contempt. Then I watched "True Romance" again - it's a bit part, but funny as .... and he played the crazy guy from 12 Monkeys, an edgy bit in a weird sci-fi film. You could not find a part more guaranteed to win me over. I was sold, hook line and sinker. Then he played Death. Death! I mean, how much cooler can one man be? And then he has the sense to dump the self-absorbed popular girl for the ethically concious hottie while acting in a movie about assasins... dear lord, the man's a genius. I forsee that years from now, when he's an old fart, he'll be one of those classic actors that get the wizard part. Awesome.