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  • Way too cold !

    Okay so he's cool and he's sexy and he has a really hot body and blah blah blah. In my oponion he's overrated and I think people should just stop making his head bigger and bigger with all the attention he's getting from the media. He never changes his style. He's always so calm and cool and has this stood straight never curved thing going which I admit is great for some characters like for his roles in ' Troy ' and ' Mr. and Mrs. Smith ' but for other it's just lame. Like in his new movie ' Burn After Reading ', He tried making himself funny after lots of years of being plain and empty but instead of funny he came out as goofy and stupid. Also Benjamin Button was too overrated. The whole movie he just sat there and talked. His expressions never changed. It was as if he was a straight line that goes on forever. His roles are loved because the writers did a great job writing his characters and he just adds the sexy factor, nothing more. I think he's way too overrated !!!