Brad Rowe





5/15/1970 , Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Birth Name




Brad Rowe was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 15, 1970. Brad is a film and TV actor who got his start in the films Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss and Temptation. Brad attended the University of Wisconsin located in Madison and was a political finance manager working in the nation's capitol before moving to LA to pursue a career in writing and acting. Brad started out as a mail clerk at United Talent Agency, when he got his start in film. He took several acting classes with the help of several of his UTA co-workers; he then was able to successfully land auditions. Some of his notable TV appearances were in Wasteland and the miniseries Purgatory. Brad played Shaun, the romantic interest of the central character of Shelter, in 2007. Brad is also host to the radio podcast series MIPtalk. Rowe is married to Lisa Fiori and they have a son named Hopper.