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  • ~Amazing~

    Everyone has taken all the good stuff I would like to say about him and now I've got nothing!!!....and that suxx. T.T I will say that he is one of my male favorites because his characters match his personality or maybe the other way around..I don't know...he is just awesome and I don't know how else to put it..there are those who are better but hes a rising star in my book. Death Note and Black Lagoon are my current favorites, them being 2nd and 3rd in that order, but him being Quatre in Gundam Wing is #1..hands down for me. However...Light Yagami is a twisted and Rock is all...not ^_^ so yay! I love it.
  • One very talente person.

    Man! He has done an lot of great various voice acting.Some that I didn't even know off.Even though I had watched.Liked My Little Pony.When I saw that cartoon.When I was small,I never knew that it was him voicing as Ace from that cartoon.Actucally the only thing that I could think of that he was best acting in was in Boys Over Flowers and Gundam Wing Quatre Winner.I believed that this guy should start his own show or something.I wondered where he would voice next? That is an good questioned of course.
  • Brad Swaile began acting in middle school and high school. In fact, his inspiration for acting came from his elder sister.

    I\'m not sure how I can describe Brad Swaile, but I can tell you that he\'s funny, talented, and overall awesome. You know what? I think that he oughta be more widespread just so people can see the face behind the voice. Believe me, I know this because I saw a few voice actors who were credited in live action movies or tv episodes (ex. Andrew Francis was cast \'William\' in the Smallville episode \'Truth, and David Kaye was in the 1996 film Carpool.) All in all, Brad Swaile is a talented voice actor, and we should applaud for him because of his accomplishments.
  • Look at his résumé! The guy is awesome!!

    This guy has a magic voice! He is able to convey the perfect combo of enthusasiam (sp?) and wisdom. A wierd description I know but it is the best way I can think to articulate it. I think the best example has to be his work on Megaman NT warrior. Lan Hikari is a young man but also a battle tested man. Thus Swaile is the perfect voice actor to give him life! His voice is simply impossible to resist! I can honestly say I wish I could hear more of him (Hint, hint Megaman execs ;)) I eagerly look forward to his next project!
  • Not the most outgoing guy there is, he's still an excellent actor. Brad is as cute as the roles he plays and does a great job with his voice acting.

    Not the most outgoing guy there is, he's still an excellent actor. Brad is as cute as the roles he plays and does a great job with his voice acting. Sadly, he's not as widely spread in the live action work, but that's fine by us animated series lovers. We can enjoy him in such cutesy roles as Maxwell from "Hamtaro" or more intense roles like Quatre of "Gundam Wing", he can even be heard sporting an accent as Nightcrawler from "X-Men: Evolution"! As sometimes wild as his characters can get, he's fairly quiet and shy in person. Brad answers questions simply and doesn't elaborate much, but he's not exactly boring (too cute to be!). The only downside I'd have to list is the fact he hasn't been to many if any conventions for the past year or two, so not too many people have gotten the chance to really know the real Brad Swaile. :( Come back to us!