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Brad Wright served as the co-executive producer and writer for the CableACE award winning series The Outer Limits before partnering with executive producer/writer Jonathan Glassner. The two formed 'Double Secrets Productions' which, along with Gekko film Corp, and MGM produces Stargate SG-1. Wright and Glassner co-wrote the pilot…more


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    • Brad Wright:(On which SG-1 episode was the most intense to shoot) That depends on what you call intense. For The Nox, it rained so hard we were actually rained out of our location. I remember being on the phone with Michael Greenburg, looking out my office window, and telling him to get the crew to shelter because I could see the lightning hits on the mountains. For me that was intense. For sheer difficulty of production, I could include our season two opener, The Serpent's Lair, as well as There But For the Grace of God and Solitudes, where we actually built a glacier crevasse, and refrigerated the studio. Poor Rick and Amanda were really freezing onscreen.

    • Brad Wright:(On which SG-1 character is the hardest to write for) Teal'c, for me. He speaks with a formality that is difficult to make sound natural. When he speaks at all. Having said that, I love writing for the character, because he is one of the most intriguing to me. He is, after all, our alien and therefore the most science fiction-oriented character in the series.

    • Brad Wright:(On how much actors ad lib on Stargate SG-1)I would say a great deal. Certainly Rick (Richard Dean Anderson) as executive producer will often ad lib or change dialogue to suit the scene. But we almost always agree with those changes, and I, for one, think the actors make our scripts better. We have read-throughs with every episode so that we may discuss every scene and make the script as good as possible before we begin shooting. All of our actors take their characters very seriously so that when they have concerns we listen.

    • Brad Wright:(On casting Stargate SG-1) That was a tough process. Of course, John Synes suggested Richard Dean Anderson to Jonathan and me when we were first conceiving the series. And we both thought, that's our O'Neill. As far as the other characters were concerned, we held auditions in Toronto, Vancouver, New York and LA. But speaking for Jonathan and myself, the moment we saw Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, and Christopher Judge we knew we had our SG team. And also when we were writing the character of General Hammond, we were already writing it for Don Davis.