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  • Great, humble person.

    Very handsome .Funny. Good actor. The list goes on and on.
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    A 9 in my books is you do what you need to do but thats about it. There was nothing about his acting that had me all excited to see his character on screen. He was good enough for me to be interested in his characters primarly filler storyline. I thought his onscreen connection with Jenniefer was average at best and one of the main reasons the show opted not to move forward with them to being together in the long run. After Francie was killed off in Phase One I think is where his character took a big backseat to the show. He was sparingly used and when he was he wasnt doing much of anything then giving Sydney away. The actor himself is good, but nothing that would make me want to watch another television show with him in it.
  • Why don't we see this guy in more things?

    Ever since I saw Bradley Cooper in Alias I have watched almost everything he has done. He has always been fantastic. He was truely superb as Will Tippin and there were calls from fans every season to bring him back after his departure in season 2. It was always gutting that this came to be but a t least he returned for a few episodes in which he really got to shine.

    Kitchen Confidential although short-lived was another good show. I felt very sorry for Bradley when this got cancelled as it had a lot of potential. Especially with Nicholas Brendon co-starring. I enjoyed the 3 or 4 episodes I saw anyhow.

    His part in wedding crashers was again a joy to watch. Obviously he was there to be the bad guy but what a bad guy he was.

    Each of his characters are so different. He is clearly gifted and verstile. Therefore my question is this: Why isn't he signed to anything recently? He is great.

    Here's hoping for a return of Hanging With Mr. Cooper!