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    • 2012 Public Appearances:
      -December 20th, 2012: Wicked Musical Annual Media Night, Apollo Victoria Theatre, London.
      -November 22nd, 2012: But I CD Only Whisper, Arcola Theatre, London.
      -October 21st, 2012: T4.
      -October 17th, 2012: Loserville musical, Garrick Theatre, London, UK.
      -August 11th, 2012: Olympic Games, London, UK.
      -June 2nd, 2012: Celebrity Soccer Six 2012, Burnley Football Club, Burnley.
      -May 20th, 2012: Soccer Six tournament, West Ham United FC, Upton Park, Newham, London.
      -March 17th, 2012: Rugby world championship 6 Nations Grand Slam final at Cardiff Stadium, Wales.
      -January 25th, 2012: National Television Awards, O2 Arena, London.
      -January 14th, 2012: I Think, Therefore filming at Leadenhall Market, London.
      -January 12th, 2012: Hamlet production starring Michael Sheen at the Young Vic in Southwark/London with Merlin co-star Colin Morgan.