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Bradley Steven Perry


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Enjoys traveling with family and friends. He has three wonderful sisters and is the youngest and only boy out of four children. A big sports fan. He enjoys playing on his baseball team and is the "New England Patriot's Boy" in the "NBC Sunday Night Football" sports promos.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bradley has been nominated for two Young Artist awards. One in 2011 for Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Supporting Young Actor. One in 2012 for Best Performance in a TV Series - Supporting Young Actor.

    • In the show "Without a Trace", Bradley plays a character who's name is Charlie. Charlie is also the name of his character's baby sister from Good Luck Charlie.

    • Bradley has appeared in more movies than TV shows.

    • Bradley will appear in High Stakes (High School Musical spin off) alongside Ashley Tisdale. He will play a character named Roger Elliston.

  • Quotes

  • Awesome Guy

    This guy is one of the greatest actors on Good Luck Charlie. Actually all the actors on GLC are terrific! He's so charming on this show, great job Bradley!
  • Bradley Steven Perry is amazing!!!

    I love his work in Good Luck Charlie! I think he's an amazing actor and I love his smile. I appreciate his work and I am a huge fan actually! Bradley Steven Perry is hilarious and If it weren't for him too, I would not have interest in Good Luck Charlie!