Bradley Whitford





10/10/1959 , Madison, Wisconsin USA

Birth Name




Brad grew up in Wisconsin, and was involved in theater in high school but never thought that he could do it professionally. He graduated June 4, 1977 from Madison East High School in Madison, Wisconsin.

He went to Wesleyan University graduating in 1981 (he majored in both English and Theater) and later earned his Masters in Theater from Juilliard.

After school he was in a number of Broadway and off Broadway plays including Curse of the Starving Glass (his first professional performance), A Few Good Men , and the lead in Coriolanus.

Brad has been married to actress Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle) since August 15, 1992. The couple has 3 children : Frances (January 1998), George (December 1999) and Mary Louisa (December 2002).

Bradley was raised as a Quaker, and along with his wife Jane, is against the death penalty.