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  • A great actor.

    I think that Bradley Whitford is an incrediable actor. I first seen him in the show The West Wing and thought that he did a wonderful job with the role of Josh Lyman. I really liked how he played role. I was totally surprised to see him in the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants playing the role of Carmen's father Al. I was really disappointed with his character in the movie but i liked the job he played the role. I hope that he is in more shows and i plan on watching his other projects to see how he did in those roles.
  • This guy is lovable!

    I started to like Bradley as Josh Lyman in The West Wing, show I accompained faithfully since episode 4 in the 1st season. He , along with John Spencer character became my favorite among all the great cast from the show. Later I saw him as JJ on the fine movie Kate & Leopold, tho I didn't like watching him getting owened by Hugh Jackman in the bar scene. :)

    Now.. in Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip... God! I can't get enough of him and Matt! And if I may add, this team was wonderfully cast! They have a cool chemistry together, as was seen in a couple of west wing episodes!

    Go go Brad! Rock on my friend, and continue to amaze me!
  • Bradley Whitford is an awesome actor, he is a very engaging actor and now I am hooked on anything he is in!! love to come to LA to meet him!

    Brad is an outstanding talent...he is charasmatic, cheeky and very professional all at once!!...not to mention that he is hot!...(wish I was Jane or Janel getting up close)
    I am in Australia so I don't get to see Brad on screeen as much as I would like to, ...hoping to travel to the USA and maybe I will be lucky enough to run into Brad!...Anyhoo I am very sad about the ending of West Wing but can't wait to see Studio 60 and what lies ahead for Brad and the rest of the cast of West Wing in particular Richard Schiff who is also charming actor!
  • he is though

    he is one of the all time greats. he is a really talented actor. I was really surprised when i read he is a writer. I've seen his episode. it wasnt half bad. i feel he needs to branch out more so people can see him in other shows and things.
  • Bradley Whitford is a talented actor, most known for his role as Josh Lyman on The West Wing.

    Bradley Whitford is, at the current time, my favourite actor on television and otherwise. His portrayal of Josh Lyman captured my attention right away.

    What blows my mind most about Brad's acting, is his unbelievable ability to convey absolutely anything with a facial expression. It doesn't take more than one episode of The West Wing to notice this.

    What makes a talented actor, in my opinion, is that they make their audience forget that they are, in fact, acting. That they are not their character.

    I continuously forget that on The West Wing, it is not in fact Josh Lyman in front of my eyes. It is Bradley Whitford.

    He's one an Emmy for his performance in Season 2: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. It was well-deserved and I hope for more awards for Brad.