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    • Quinn: The biggest thing our offense has done this year is come out and set a tone. We have always moved the ball and given the guys confidence of what we can do in the game. That has snowballed and progressed through the game. That is something we have done well and we will need that to be successful in this game.

    • Quinn: Coach Vaas and Coach Weis are on the same page in what they desire from their quarterbacks. The always try to get the most out of you. Coach Vaas is on us a lot of time no matter what. Even if the throw appears perfect, maybe there is something fundamentally we didn't do well. He is extremely hard on us and he is always making sure we strive for perfection in everything we do.

    • Quinn: When you look at those Xs and Os you're pretty confident in what they are able to do.

    • Quinn: Coach Weis' scheme sets us up in favorable positions all the time. The biggest thing is the way he's taught us as far as where to go with the ball in every single situation. You've always got outlets, you've always got places to go, and that makes you feel comfortable when you're a quarterback under center.