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Brandi Burkhardt

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  • Siren's song...

    I was so upset to hear that Siren would be making her exit on Passions! She has been a great addition to the cast -- successfully splashing things up with Fox/Kay/Miguel.

    Brandi is a beautiful and talented actress. Not only does she have a killer figure, but she has a gorgeous voice too. She actually does all the vocals for Siren's siren song. She is witty, funny and banters with Tabitha/Endora keep you laughing. She played 'blonde' so well when she first came ashore, showed some claws when Kay threatened to get in her way and mischief when she retaliated. She has great chemistry with all the other actors on screen and was a wonderful addition to the cast. I wish Brandi luck with her engagement and career!! I'm sure we'll see her on screen again soon.moreless