Brandi Sherwood

Brandi Sherwood


1/31/1971, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

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Brandi Sherwood


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Trivia and Quotes

  • A knock-dead beauty as shown by her Miss USA and Miss Teen USA titles.

    Brandi Sherwood won Miss Teen USA in 1989 then went on to place 2nd in Miss USA in 1997. When the reigning Miss USA became Miss Universe, Brandi became Miss USA. She is the first won to hold both titles.

    In 1996, however, Brandi was invited on a modeling trip to Brunei by her close friend Shannon Marketic along with 5 other girls. The following story is what happened according to Shannon: Upon arrival the girls were tested for AIDS and then drugged. They woke up the next day feeling deshievaled and as if their clothes had been removed and put back on. They were then informed of their duties. They were to dance 4-6 hours a night at parties with men. During these dances they were groped and sexually abused physically and verbally. During the day, they watched movies in the Brunei Manson. They were often told to have tea with a man which meant they had to go with him and then be raped.

    Shannon sued the Sultan of Brunei but lost. Brandi first accepted Shannon's story but then after becoming Miss USA, denyed that it happened.moreless